Welcome to Holy Family Child Care

A Safe, Welcoming, and Educational Journey for Children.

Children of all faiths are welcome.

COVID Policy: Health and Safety is our Top Priority.

Our Mission

At Holy Family Child Care, our main responsibility is to offer quality care to the children at Holy Family Child Care that is age and developmentally appropriate. Holy Family Child Care staff will build loving, trusting, respectful relationships with families that allow them to work without worry.

Early Childhood Educational Objectives

The children and families at Holy Family Child Care will...
  • Receive a loving, warm, caring classroom environment and classroom staff
  • Receive quality care at an affordable tuition
  • Will be respected at all times
  • Will be cared for in a center that meets the DHS licensing standards
  • Will be offered a curriculum that meets the Core Standards for age and developmentally appropriate practices required by both DHS and the Archdiocese of Philadelphia
  • Will recognize our Christian identity in all interactions between staff, children and parents
  • Will be part of a program that encourages parental involvement through programming that includes the entire family
  • Will be part of a program that encourages and respects parental feedback in all areas

Our Christian Identity

  • We embrace diversity and accept children/families of all religions, while keeping our Christian identity.
  • We are an Archdiocesan Child Care Center, which means that we are part of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia.
  • We do offer a Christian environment and do expose the children to a Christian curriculum.
  • If you personally have any questions regarding our Christian curriculum, please feel free to speak to the director at any time.

Center Curriculum

Our curriculum is a combination of the Department of Human Services Creative Hands-on Learn Through Play (NAEYC: National Association for the Education of Young Children) approach and the Archdiocese of Philadelphia’s Early Childhood Education and Pre-K curriculum. This combination offers your child aspects of both programs which the center believes offers the most comprehensive Early Childhood Education experience.

Educational Philosophy

Holy Family Child Care was founded on the philosophy that each child is unique, created by God and deserving to be treated as the gift from God that said child truly is. Our staff offers a hands-on, learn through play approach to Early Childhood Education which offers your child the opportunity to grow, fosters creativity, and encourages them to become critical thinkers. Holy Family Child Care also recognizes that a child’s parents are truly their first and most important teacher. Therefore, all parents will be treated with respect and will be encouraged to be an active part of the childcare team.


All staff, parents, and children will be admitted to the program and treated with respect and equality, without regard to their sex, sexual orientation, race, creed, religion, age, disability, culture or English as a second language status. This is a DHS/Civil Rights Compliance requirement to be a state licensed facility in the state of Pennsylvania. Holy Family Child Care Center is a DHS licensed and subsidy accepting childcare center.