Glory to the Newborn King!

Christmas is arriving in just a few days, and it certainly may feel different than what we are used to. This year has been unusual, but we are brought joy in remembering the essence of Christmas: the birth of Jesus Christ. We can sense this joy through many of the symbols and memories that remind us of Christmas. Decorations, dinners, giving gifts, and most especially Christmas Masses, are all ways that we are reminded of Jesus Christ. This year it is especially important to remember to “Keep Christ in Christmas,” as our social interactions are limited.

“Keep Christ in Christmas”

As attending Mass in person may be impossible for some of you, we will be providing all of our Christmas Masses through livestream on Facebook and Youtube in addition to in person. You can access these at

The schedule for our Christmas and New Year’s Masses is below:

Christmas Eve: 4pm & 8pm
Christmas Day: 9am & 11am
New Year’s Eve: 4pm
New Year’s Day: 9am & 11am (not streamed) 

I would like to encourage you to continue to pray for an end to this pandemic. We had the opportunity yesterday and today to see the planets Saturn and Jupiter in very close distance to each other, and it manifested as a light on the horizon. These two planets are as close to each other as they were in the year 1226. This light, coming from the planets, reminds us of the light of Christ during this Christmas. If God can move the planets around the sky, we have very little to worry about from a new virus. Please don’t let the bad news keep you from the Good News of the Gospel. God has become one of us to save us from our sins.

Be hopeful, because we are not alone, and God is with us.
Sincerely, Monsignor Sweeney