Younger Toddler (14 to 22 months)

The Younger Toddler Rooms are wonderful transition spaces for children to begin to settle into classroom routines. With a 1:5 ratio, your child will have individual staff attention as they develop into their toddler years. The Younger Toddler Room schedule provides the introduction to the alphabet, numbers, circle-time and small group play. The daily curriculum provides each child with important opportunities for developmental growth. This is the classroom in which we offer outside play in the play yard, and outside water play time in the summer months. The staff work with the children on personal skills development and forming friendships with one another. 

What Supplies Should I Bring to Childcare?

(Necessary Daily Supplies)
  1. All diapering/potty training items (if/when ready to potty train)
  2. 2 Full change of clothes (including socks)
  3. Pack ‘n Play (1 year old room) and 2 pack / play sheets
  4. Blanket & pillow for nap time (a nap mat is provided by the center)
  5. Lunch *Parents are free to send in microwavable meals. If you wish to have your child eat a warm meal for lunch you may send it in a thermos.
  6. 2 snacks & drinks per day 
  7. water cup
  8. snacks can be left in your child’s personal snack bin